Why Buy Florida Land

U.S. Census data shows there are 78 million U.S. residents "Baby Boomers" that were born between the years of 1946 to 1964. The earliest Baby Boomers have already started receiving their social security retirement funds in 2008 when they became eligible at 62 years of age. Due to the massive number of people that will be retiring over the next 20 years, the population of Florida is projected to increase by over 10 MILLION more people. Florida's population is over 18 million now!  Florida will soon be the third most populated State in the U.S. The Florida population actually increases now at a daily rate of over 1,000 new residents per day. As the Florida population booms, the most valuable commodities will be food, energy, and housing. Each of these will put a huge amount of pressure on land values as areas become more developed.

In the United States, Florida has always been at the top of the list of places people wish to either take a vacation to or retire. It has worldwide recognition for being a tropical paradise, home to Walt Disney's fantastic Disneyworld and with over 1,200 miles of beaches on both the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. Florida is also home to 8,000 Lakes. Golf plays a crucial role in the popularity of Florida, with over 1,260 golf courses. Florida is the overwhelming choice as both a retirement location and holiday destination with the world's golfers. With over 300 days per year of sunshine, combined with the beaches, the golfing and Disneyworld, this makes Florida the No 1 destination for tourists receiving over 90 million tourists per year.

Investing in anything carries an element of risk, however as many wise people are aware investments are all about supply and demand, as with Oil and Gold we have only found a limited supply of both of these products which in turn creates a fluctuation in their value on the stock market depending on their demand. With land there will always be the demand, and they certainly are not going to find any more.

With the current turmoil of the U.S. financial markets, lending institutions have had to foreclose on billions of dollars of U.S. real estate and drastically cut the price of those properties to get them sold quickly. This has affected the current prices of Florida land as well resulting in prices that will unlikely be seen again. When no one else wants a product of intrinsic value -- buy it, because the price will be lower whereby you'll be able to maximize your investment for future gain. In essence -- buy low, sell high.

In addition, due to foreign market conditions or currency exchanges, there is an increasing demand by foreigners to invest in Florida real estate. Geographically speaking, Florida is the gateway into America from many countries in Europe, the Caribbean and South America. The affect of immigration into Florida also affects the demand on the land. Foreigners are simply buying up Florida.

Florida land, bought at the right price, will weather a recession better than stocks and many other investment alternatives. Most bank deposits typically earn very low interest rates. Investing in a low cost buildable Florida lot can provide a higher return on that same money over time.